Private Sector Training



Tactical Advantage Consultants Inc. (TAC) has been training Marine Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel for approximately 30 years.  Each TAC instructor is either an active or retired officer with a combined total of over 200 years experience in the field of marine law enforcement and related fields.

Increased incidents of terrorism, hijackings, kidnappings, yacht thefts and robberies have made yacht owners, captains and their staffs eager to protect their crew, guests and their financial and liable interest.

TAC has had a recent influx of request by private owners to provide training to combat these potential threats.  Therefore, we have carefully developed an extraordinary course that addresses the essential issues using hands on and classroom training to provide each student with the Tactical Advantage Consultants edge.  The hands on skills previously provided only to law enforcement have been slightly modified for effective application aboard vessels.

Upon completion of this training, each participant will have increased skills in several areas that address potential critical incidents aboard their vessels.

Topics of training include the following:

  • Firearms- safety, appropriate weapons, ammunition, storage legal applications. Participants will also be firing different weapons at a firearms range for familiarization.
  • Less lethal use of force- students will receive training in alternatives to deadly force to include: various types of incapacitating gases, electrical stuns and various munitions available to thwart illegal or unwarranted boardings onto their vessels.
  • Defensive Tactics/Self Defense- this block of training includes: unarmed defensive tactics, controlling techniques, disarming tactics and escapes.
  • Emergency Medical Procedures- this training addresses injuries that may occur aboard a vessel as a result of confrontations. Participants will be instructed in procedures to treat trauma, patient stabilization, shock or life-threatening injuries.
  • Vicarious Liability- legal applications and owner responsibilities will be discussed during this training.

Each participant must be in appropriate physical condition to participate in moderate physical activities and firearms training.  Additionally, each participant must be a “bona-fide” yacht owner, captain or crew member that has been specifically recommended by a yacht owner or a captain.

  • All participants must present appropriate credentials prior to admission into the program.
  • Upon successful completion of the course each participant will receive an official TAC certificate of training.
  • To ensure the personal attention of each participant that is required during this course a strict limit of 25 students per class will be enforced.

TAC will also be available upon request to provide this course or customized courses for corporate applications at requested locations.

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