Marine Law Enforcement Training and Yacht Security Training



TAC Training Courses are generally for law enforcement only. However, we now offer modified training for select non-law enforcement personnel. See the “Private Sector Training” tab on this website.

Tactical Advantage Consultants (TAC) was founded in 1985 and consists of ranking marine law enforcement instructors with over two hundred years of combined experience.

TAC has trained thousands of officers, supervisors and instructors on a national and global scale. The staff instructors are all certified instructors with credentials that can be matched by no one. Our Marine Police Tactical Training courses are realistic and based upon actual marine police situations not military tactics which may not be applicable to the marine law enforcement environment. Our training classes meet and exceed Federal standards.

TAC has a variety of course offerings that include:

  • Boating firearms certification
  • Felony boarding tactics
  • Boating accident investigations
  • Port security operations
  • Homeland security
  • Airboat operation certifications
  • Drug and Alien interdiction
  • Instructor (train the trainer) courses
  • Marine liability issues
  • Marine police supervisor training
  • Navigation, plotting and intercepts
  • Marine tactical survival
  • Marine Medical Emergencies
  • Vessel operations and maneuvering
  • Boating Safety

TAC can customize a specialized training course based upon an agency’s need and will travel to any location. TAC presents training courses in Miami each year that include a variety of topics with expert instructors. All our courses are certified and legally defensible. We can be contacted at our Miami Headquarters:

All of TAC courses are available for college credit through The Union Institute & University.


Email: tactraining@gmail.com